Apply for Scholarship for research within the area of Acute Coronary Syndromes and secondary prevention. Extended dead-line 3.9.

The Scholarship Committee must receive your application no later than 3.9.2017. In order to stimulate clinical research, we welcome researchers from Finland to apply for a Scholarship. The Scholarship is designed to encourage the development within the area of acute coronary syndromes and secondary prevention. Projects should aim to increase knowledge of the effects of acute coronary syndromes on patients and how their treatment may be optimized during the acute phase and/or follow-up.

Applicants: Physicians with research interest in acute coronary syndromes. The total amount for the Scholarship in 2017 is 12 500 EURO.

Accountability: Scholars must submit a scientific report and financial followup to the  Scholarship Committee, no later than six months after completion of the project.

Terms of the Scholarship application:
Your application must be in English The Scholarship Committee must receive your  application no later than 3.9.2017. Please send the application by e-mail to
The Scholarship winner will be announced at the Autumn meeting of the Finnish Cardiac Society, October 2017 in Helsinki.

Required attachments:
> CV
> Certificate from the principal/manager regarding the applicant’s qualifications and employment relationships
> Project plan to a maximum of five A4 pages, containing background, objectives, goals, methodology, significance in relation to available information, timetable and how your
project should be evaluated
> Financial Plan
> Description of grants applied for and obtained within the project 

The Scholarship Committee The Board of Finnish Cardiac Society

Good luck with your application!