Abstract submission instructions

The abstract submission time has ended on February 5th and the submission site is now closed


Read this before submitting your abstract

Here are some useful tips in order to send the abstract successfully:

  • You can save the draft of the abstract and continue later after you have filled in the e-mail address of the presenting/first author. Choose “Save draft” found at the end of each page and the link will be sent to the presenting/first author’s e-mail address to continue later.
  • Enter the author information in the order you wish them to be listed in the abstract. The order of the authors can only be changed if the names are deleted and re-entered.
  • After submitting (step 4) there is no possibility to make changes/updates to the abstract.
  • We recommend to use Firefox or Chrome for optimum results.
  • There are separate spaces to fill in the title, authors and abstract text. So, do not include the authors or institutions to the title or content spaces.
  • Abstract tables are to be attached as images (content page).
  • Jpeg and Gif -pictures (maximum of 1 MB image size) can be attached to the abstract at the content page.
  • Total space for content is 400 words including the authors, institutions and text sections. Characters from the title space are not included the total amount. Separate space for title is 25 words.
  • If the system is not used for 20 minutes, the session is closed and the link to continue is sent to the first/presenting author’s e-mail.

Abstract submission instructions

Step 1: Abstract information

Abstract category

Select the category
- Basic science
- Clinical research

Abstract Title

Create a title for your abstract.

  •  Do not bold, italicize, underline, superscript or subscript any items in the title
  •  Do not capitalize the first letter of all major words.
  •  Do not use abbreviations in the title
  •  Brand names of the medical products should not be used in the poster title
  •  Space for the title is 25 words.

Press Continue

Step 2: Abstract authors

Abstract authors

Enter the author information in the order you wish them to be listed in the abstract. Carefully check each authors information before adding them to the list with pressing the "Add author" button. The order of the authors can only be changed if the names are deleted and re-entered.

Remember to mark the first/presenting author and fill in all information for this person. The submitting author will be notified about the outcome of the review and selection process.

For other authors you will only need to fill in the mandatory fields and when needed, also the department.

Names and initials should be properly capitalized. Names should not be all upper or lower case. The field for initials does not need to be filled in unless you want an initial as part of your name.

E-mail addresses are not validated for correctness. Please, make sure that the e-mail address is properly formatted. Note that the e-mail address of the first/presenting author will be used to send the link if you wish to save the draft and continue later.


Press Save draft, Continue or Back

Step 3: Abstract Content

Abstract text

Use the following partition/headings in your text:

Aim: In an initial paragraph, provide relevant information regarding the background and purpose of the study, preferably in only one or two sentences.

Methods: Briefly state the methods used.

Results: Summarize the results in sufficient detail to support the conclusions.

Conclusions: State the conclusions reached. It is not satisfactory to state: "The results will be discussed".

Total space is 400 words including the authors/institutions section. Abstract must conform to specific size limits. If the space allocated is exceeded, the program will inform this as pressing the continue button ("Table content is not valid or maximum total length is exceeded").

Use times new roman font. We recommend that you clean your Word document text (.doc) by copying the text to the Notepad or similar program and save it as .rtf file. Then copy the text to the Abstract submission form. This will ensure that the text will not include any special characters, bold letters etc. and therefore the jamming of the system is therefore less likely to happen.

The following characters can be used as they are in the text: ≥ ≤ > <. Some most common special characters can be found from the Abstract Content page; copy the needed character and place it to the text (© Σ ω ε β α ±).

Are you receiving invalid input message? This is probably due to having special characters or for example bold letters in the text. Read the text above about the special characters and clean your text before placing it.

Do not include the following to the Abstract text

* names of persons
* names of institute or company
* website or e-mail addresses
* trademarks


Create the table using other programs and attach the table as a picture (jpeg, gif) in the abstract appendix section (content page).

Abstract Appendix, attach an image

You can only attach pictures which fill in the requirements i.e. image size less than 1 MB and format either jpeg or gif.

There should be no white space or border around the graphic.

Browse the correct file, coose it and enter by pressing "Upload". If not succeeding, check the image size and format. The system might ask you to change the name of the file as the it stores all the images in to the same file and some other author might earlier have used the same named file. If so, please use other name for your file, prerrable including your name (Nieminenpic1.jpeg).

If you receive message “Invalid attachment/input” after the upload, the image size is probably too big, even though the file size would seem to be correct. Fix your picture in a suitable program (image, size/resize).


Press Save draft, Continue or Back

Step 4: Abstract preview

Abstract Preview

Press  "Print abstract"  to review it. You can return to the previous steps and make corrections at this point
- please, note that this is not the final abstact; you will receive the link to the final abstract in the thank you message after pressing submit and choosing Print from there

Note: the preview does not show the names of attached files. If you return to the "edit content" page and the attachments are shown there as uploaded attachments, then the attachments will be safely submitted when you press "submit".

►The file will appear as pop-up file. If your computer blocks the pop-up files, you need to temporarily allow them to appear in order to have the file for check-up and print.


After printing the proof

  • make the needed corrections (especially check the special/mathematical characters) by clicking the correct section "Edit information", "Edit authors" or "Edit content"
  • mark your acceptance to the rules and regulations and
  • press submit. After this there is no possibility to make changes/updates to the abstract.

Your abstract has then been sent. Save the copy of the submitted abstract for your own records by pressing the Print -link at the thank you message appearing to the screen.

Abstract submission has ended.

Thank you for submitting your abstract!

Important dates

Febryary 5th 2023 at midnight (UTC+2): Abstract submission extended deadline

By February 28: Acceptance or rejection information is sent by e-mail to the presenting/first author’s e-mail.

Contact information

Finnish Cardiac Society, e-mail: maiju.pikkarainen@fincardio.fi or phone +358 (0)50 592 1846.