Call for abstracts 48th Progress Report Meeting, the deadline has been extended to February 6th

Call for abstracts - 48th Progress Report Meeting - Young Investigators Award Competition (YIAC)

Hyvä nuori tutkija,

Jälleen on aika miettiä ja aloittaa valmistelut abstraktin lähettämiseksi nuorten tutkijain Progress Report kisaan. Kts. Call for abstracts alla tai Progress Report sivulta.

Kisaan kannattaa osallistua; saat kokemusta niin abstraktin valmistamisesta, tutkimustyön esittämisestä kuin kehittäviä kommentteja suomalaisilta kollegoilta.

Kts. esim. Progress Report raadin pitkäaikaisen jäsenen, professori Juhani Airaksisen haastatelu siitä, miksi kisaan kannattaa osallistua. Vilkaise samalla historiikista, mihin kisan voittajat ovat elämässään ja työssään kulkeutuneet ja varaa siis paikkasi kardiologian alan tutkimuksen esittelyyn.

48th Progress Report Meeting - Young Investigators Award Competition (YIAC)

Organized at the Spring Meeting of the Finnish Cardiac Society on March 23, 2022

Read the Abstract submission instructions before submitting.

The abstract submission deadline has been extended to February 6, 2022 at midnight (UTC+2).

Link to on-line services is open from January 3rd to February 6th.

The Progress Report Meeting - Young Investigators Award Competition (YIAC) is one of the major activities of the Finnish Cardiac Society (FCS). The annual competition is open for those Finnish investigators and foreign investigators working in Finland, who have not had their dissertation/doctoral thesis at the time of the competition and/or have not won the competition earlier on. The investigators can submit multiple abstracts, but only one abstract per presenter can be chosen to compete at the YIAC. Acceptance/rejection information will be sent at least 4 weeks before the meeting. All abstracts accepted to the competition will be published in Sydänääni (the membership journal of the FCS).

The abstracts submitted to the Progress Report Meeting must be original scientific research. The competition is open for all unpublished studies and for those research reports which have been published in a peer-reviewed journal after the previous Progress Report Meeting. If the paper has been published in electrical or printed form the presenter must provide written documentation that the publisher has given permission to publish the abstract in Sydänääni. In addition, the presenter of the abstract must have had a major contribution to the study, i.e., he/she must be either the first or second author of the paper and fulfill the above criteria.

Previous categories (clinical research and basic science) are now combined as one. The abstracts must be submitted using the on-line service by the deadline. The abstracts are blind-reviewed and graded based on their scientific merit and originality. Ten best graded abstracts will be presented orally in English as a pitch presentation (5 minutes pitch+ 3 minutes to answer questions from the YIAC judging panel and audience moderated by Chairperson) at the YIAC. The meeting and therefore the presentations will be in front of a live audience (remote presentation are not possible).

The winner and first runner up of the YIAC will be rewarded with a grant of 1600-3000 € upon the decision of the jury. The organizers reserve the right to grant either one or two firsts or a first and a second prize upon the decision of the jury. Winners will be announced at the FSC Annual Meeting Dinner on March 24, 2022.

The presenters of the YIAC will have a free admission to the Spring Meeting on March 23-25, 2022, Oulu and their travel and accommodation costs are covered by the organizers.


Abstracts can only be submitted by on-line services.

Please note that submission of an abstract to a national/regional meeting like the Progress Report Meeting, does not prohibit submission of the same abstract to the major international cardiology congress and vice versa. 

Contact information: Finnish Cardiac Society, e-mail: or phone +358 (0)50 592 1846.